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Take Control of Your Money

Learn all the advantages and benefits of a self-directed retirement plan.

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Why Self-direct?

The Solo 401(k) plan is a perfect structure for any self-employed business owner seeking immediate funds for their business or to help pay personal expenses.
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Core Benefits of Self-Directing Your Retirement

Perfect for small business funding, entrepreneurs, and solo business owners

More Options

Leverage your retirement funds to their full potential in order to truly diversify your investment portfolio. Investments in real estate, tax liens, businesses, loans and more are at your fingertips!

Easy To Do

Using our simple 3-step process, you are able to focus on what matters to you: Taking control to build your retirement portfolio.

Exceptional Support

Utilizing the services an industry leading Alternative Asset Custodian, our skilled professionals will ensure you receive the best possible support to invest confidently to achieve your retirement goals.

Find out what investments are available with a Self-Directed plan.

Access your retirement funds to make alternative investments with tax penalties.

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Use your retirement as a self-funding solution, and much more

Imagine if there was a way to utilize money that you had stocked away for retirement to make your own retirement investments, or even pay off your credit card debt. What if you could access that money without taxes or penalties, and grow your retirement account. What would you use it to fund?

This is just one of the many benefits to the iSelfDirect Solo 401(k) plan, which includes access to your retirement funds to make real estate and other alternative investments.

The #1 Self-Directed Retirement Provider

The team at iSelfDirect will educate you on how to turn your IRA or 401(k) into an investment vehicle which allows you to:

Create a personal line of credit up to $50,000.
Invest in virtually anything, including the stock market, real estate, tax liens, private placements, loan notes, and much more.
Contribute up to $50k per year—more than a traditional 401(k).
This might very well be the best investment or debt solution for you. Find out how iSelfDirect can give you total control over your retirement funds.